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the c▓ountry. In general, China's auto industry has so far experienced two development stages, and now it has graduated onto the third stage. Construction Period: Born in the Poor and Undeveloped Situation The country's auto industry constructio▓n period lasted from 1953 to 1978. China's auto industry began in 19▓53, when the First Automobile Works (FAW) was set up in Changchun ▓City of Northeast China's Jilin Province. The first vehi

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cle, ▓a Jiefang (Chinese for liberation) truck named by Mao Zedong, rolled off FAW's assembly line in 1956. During this period, the development of Chinese automobiles ▓was smooth. The total output of the national automobile rose from 61 in 1955 to 22,574 by 1960. However, affected by factors such▓ as the "great leap forward" (a Chinese economic plan aimed at revitalizing all sectors of the economy, initiated by Mao Zedong, and which emphasized decentralized, labor-intensive industrializati▓on), natural calamity, and the "Culture Revolution," the Chinese auto industry rose and fell indefinitely. In 1966, the▓ total output of motor vehicles exceeded only 50,000. Developing Period: See the Dawn With the dawning of the reform and opening up, there were some big changes in China's auto industry. In 1984, the question

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untouched over the years as we've gone down to one shift out at our Elizabeth plant, as export and engineering projects have come an▓d gone, and as our domestic markets have contracted." According to the report, a source has said the company hoped to lose about 200 workers, mainly white-collar workers in areas such as engineering and marketing. Sharelle Herrington, senior industrial officer for the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, said she expected about 70 jobs to go from engineering - about 10 percent of its workforce. Holden recently closed its four-cylinder engine plant at Fisherman's Bend, shedding about 500 jobs, and has cut the hours ▓of workers at its Adelaide factory. It also lost a luc▓rative export program when its troubled parent, General Motors, a▓xed its Pontiac division, which was selling left-hand drive variants of the Holden Commodore as the Pontiac G8 in North America. CHANGCHUN, Ju▓ly 21 (Xinhua) -- As China's automakers accelerate development of hybri▓d and electric vehicles, experts and industry insiders say more attention should be paid to researching energy-saving technologies for c▓onventional vehicles. The Changchun International Automobile Exhibition from July 15 to 26 in northeast China's Jilin Province is showcasing a range of "new-energy vehicles." Chinese manufacturer Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd. displays a hybrid vehicle, which starts on electricity and shifts to gasoline▓. "Oil consumption can be reduced by 17 to 20 perc▓ent," said Zhang Chao, vice president of the company. Besides Zhongxing, about a dozen automaker▓s, including BYD, Chery, Lifan, Geely, and institutes are developing new-energy▓ vehicle technologies, but industry insiders say China should not overestimate the new cars as the market and technologies are immature. "The ▓market

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